BackTracks Low Back Pain C.A.R.E. Clinic

The BackTracks Low Back Pain C.A.R.E. Clinic is based on the preliminary findings of a 2011 Ontario Chiropractic Association and Ontario Medical Association initiative in which family physician directly referred Low Back Pain patients to an onsite Chiropractic Consultant for Assessment. The results were extremely favourable from both the patients and family physicians.

The Consulting Chiropractor Role Project showed how having a chiropractic consultant onsite helped family physicians with management of LBP patients.
— Jan Kaperski, OMA President

In addition, BackTracks Low Back Pain C.A.R.E clinic utilizes resources designed for the OMHLTC New Strategy on Low Back Pain which includes:

In January 2014, Carlington Community Health Centre in Ottawa added the LBP C.A.R.E Clinic to its onsite services. The Carlington LBP C.A.R.E Clinic screens and refers patients with no private health coverage for Chiropractic care to an onsite weekly clinic with a Chiropractic Specialist for the assessment of Acute, Sub-Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain. BackTracks is pleased to have this ongoing program with the Carlington Community Health Centre.

BackTracks Low Back Pain C.A.R.E. Clinic

BackTracks Low Back Pain C.A.R.E. Clinic is a public-private initiative where Family Physician and Family Health Teams in the Ottawa area, can refer Acute, Sub-acute and Chronic Low back patients directly to BackTracks Chiropractic Specialists that serves as the Advanced Practice Chiropractors for the program. The Advanced Practice Chiropractors perform a comprehensive assessment (30 minutes evaluation) which includes screening for Red & Yellow Flags and a comprehensive MSK examination for nerve/disc signs and also common patterns of muscle dysfunction/deconditioning.

The Low Back Pain C.A.R.E. Clinic provides the referring Family Physician a consultation report, and provides the Patient with a tailored treatment plan that emphasizes education and self-management strategies, instruction in the home exercise program and where indicated may recommend referrals to a list of local Facility Based Therapy clinics that provide evidence based care.